12685 Colfax Hwy
Cedar Ridge, CA 95924
Art's Cedar Ridge Gas
& Auto Repair
ph 530.273.8791
fax 530.273.8792
8 A.M. - 5 P.M. M-F
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Credit Card only after 5 PM
Our Team
We Look Forward to Seeing You!
Smog Checks
Motor Homes
owned by Art Harris & Bonnie Bridge
Tom Zito
ASE Certified Technician
33 years experience
SMOG tech and repair certified
Diagnostic/Drivability Specialist
Isaac "Ike" Mcallaster
ASE Certified Technician
certified SMOG inspector
Engine performance/diagnostics
Transmission/transaxle, suspension & steering specialist

Air Force ACFT Mechanic 1966-1970
Carl's Sports Car Repair 71-75
Opened own shop 1975-1998
Sierra Chevrolet (now Winner) in Colfax '98-'02
Superior Equipment in Newcastle Truck Shop '08-'10
Art's Cedar Ridge -10 til present
Bill Dimmett
ASE Certified Technician
51 years experience
SMOG test and repair certified
Factory trained on Mazda, Toyota, VW, BMW
Ladd Goldberg
Always ready to pump your gas,
wash your windows and check under the hood.
Always has a treat for the kids & the dogs.
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